This physical therapy place is amazing! I have a number of friends who have complained over the years about other PT offices where there is little direct service, long wait times and a cold atmosphere. Yorktown Physical Therapy is none of these. Every therapist gives considerable individual treatment time to each patient in a very friendly, family-like atmosphere whereby each person is treated with deep respect and given ample hands-on treatment, sometimes in a private room if needed. They are all good listeners and provide some light humor which is a good thing when you are being treated for things that hurt on your body.

My whole family has used Yorktown PT for over 20 years. Steve treated me recently after a total hip replacement and helped me develop not just my muscles but the confidence to move forward in my life after this major surgery. I was walking without a cane in a short period of time after surgery. Greg has treated me for back and ankle issues and comes with a lot of knowledge and gentle hands experience, being discharged with an excellent home exercise program. Both Bert and Kevin helped me through a devastating worker's comp injury over 20 years ago, and i will never forget their expertise and kindness.

- Roberta T.

Thank you to Greg B. and Yorktown Physical Therapy for literally getting me back on my feet. I tore my hamstring over the Memorial Day weekend. What a way to start the summer! After 3 weeks of complete inactivity, I was allowed to start physical therapy. I hobbled into the office to begin. I am happy to say that by the time my insurance would no longer cover my treatment, I was able to go about my usual day pain free and with few limitations. Greg knew how far he could push me and the whole office was supportive and encouraging. I am now continuing the exercises I learned at home, and on my way to being able to participate in the sports and activities I love. Without the great care I got at YPT I don't think this would have been possible.

- Mickey M.

I had been experiencing back and shoulder tension (and related hand pain) for a while, stemming from poor posture and long hours sitting in an office in front of a computer screen. I came in to Yorktown Physical Therapy when the soreness became too painful to ignore and started to impact my ability to work, to drive, to sleep, and to grip with my hands. Within a few weeks of physical therapy, the pain I felt performing simple activities was gone and only some muscle stiffness remained. I was initially evaluated by Greg who oversaw the majority of my physical therapy program, and I also had appointments with Kevin and Steve. They were all excellent at identifying the source of pain and developing a plan in-office and at-home for strengthening and recovery, and I was treated with care not only by the therapists but by the entire office staff. I'm incredibly relieved to be feeling better and it's a comfort to know where to go if I experience pain in the future. Thank you!

- Eva

Steve is an amazing physical therapist. In addition to his extensive education and knowledge of how the body works, I have come to believe that he is innately a healer. He is gifted. I have been a patient over a 5 year span and he has healed me every time. From a herniated disc, issues related to scoliosis and rehab from knee operation. My husband started going to him after a hip replacement and is now being treated for back issues. But actions speak louder than words. We drive from Greenwich CT to see Steve in his new business in Yorktown, a 35 minute drive!!! We both work and are extremely busy. That's how good he is. When I have an appointment with Steve, I walk out every time feeling better. I have used other Pts and found the process long and dragged out. Steve gets to know you as a person and treats you quickly and effectively. He is also a wonderful person who really cares about his patients.

The added benefit is that his office takes insurance and handles the process for you. What more could you want? I highly recommend him and will never use another PT.

- Maureen S.